Frequently asked questions

Houses are transported with special equipment.

The area of ​​the houses is from 25 to 44 sq/m.

3.1×8 m, 3.1×8.5 m, 3.1×9,12 m, 3.1×9.44 m, 3.1×10 m, 3.1×10.33 m, 3.1×10.66 m, 3.65×8.5 m, 3.65×9.12 m, 3.65×9.44 m, 3.65×10 m, 3.65×10.33 m, 3.65×10.66 m, 3.65×11 m, 3.65×11.25 m, 3.65×12 m.

The houses are adapted to live more in the warm season, but we can insulate the house by placing plastic windows, installing gas central heating. Then you can live in the house perfectly in winter.

The ceilings of the houses are 1.97 m and 2.20 m. height. The ceiling height of sloping houses is 2.5 m.

The weight of the houses is from 2.5 to 6 tons.

All houses are fully furnished, with all furniture, bathroom equipment, wc, kitchen furniture and appliances.

Houses are available with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Each cottage has a living room, dining room, kitchen, wc, shower.

The prices of houses start from 3000 EUR depending on the year of production, area, luxury, type of windows and doors (Plastic with glass units or single glass with aluminum frame), heating system. What communications do you need for your home? All our houses require all standard residential house communications, such as water, electricity, sewerage and gas.

All cabins use 220V electricity.

Each cabin is connected to a “Propane – Butane” gas cylinder.

Every cottage has an automatic – instantaneous water heating device (heating column) that works with gas.

Each cabin has a built-in gas fireplace. Some cottages already have electric radiators installed or have gas or electric central heating installed. If the house you like does not have any heating, except for gas heating, our staff can install the heating system you want.

The cabin cannot be towed. They are transported with special equipment. They can only be maneuvered instead, with the help of a car or a tractor.

Delivery of the cabin is free within the borders of Lithuania. When transporting to foreign countries, the prices depend on the country to which the cabin is being transported.

Our company ships mobile homes every week, which is why we have such a wide selection of mobile homes.

Our craftsmen can fully prepare your cabin for winter, install a terrace, put on a pitched roof, connect communications, etc. You will get more information from Partner Services.

If the land is not in the territory protected by the state (e.g. national park, landscape reserve, etc.), further than 25m from the water body and in non-forest land, there should be no problems. And in the mentioned cases, the consent of the responsible employee of the municipal administration is required. As it is a simple structure, building permits are not required. Read more about it in the Construction Technical Regulation.